single review: TWICE “The Feels”

Did anyone see this coming?

TWICE makes their return following the summery title song of “Alcohol-Free” with their very first fully English-single “The Feels“, marking this moment in time to be TWICE’s foray into the Western market.

With the current world enthralled by Korean acts and media such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Squid Game, and Parasite, it makes sense for JYP Entertainment’s hugely popular 9-member girl group to finally step in those waters, even if they’re already household names in the Western hemisphere. The girls look to keep their momentum going and challenge themselves to fully have ONCEs sing along with them, and from what I can tell, it could be a formidable effort.

That said, is this single guaranteed to give you the feels, or are we in dated territory with a title like this? Let’s check it out!

The Feels
Released: 2021/10/01

The Feels
The Feels (The Stereotypes Remix)
The Feels (YVES V Remix)

TWICE promoting The Feels

The Feels

Rating: 5 out of 5.

You got my attention, so what’s your intention?

Ooh baby, you know you’re in for a fun ride when that riff hits alongside that incredibly catchy ‘boy I, boy I, know’.

Admit it, you already had the feels the moment that hit, and it’s totally fair here! Produced by collapsedone in collaboration with a handful of Western producers, “The Feels” is a funky-town track that is completely worthy of attention. With its sassy guitar, its heavy bass, all meshed together with a signature Korean pop sound, it almost feels like we got ourselves a K-pop comeback.

Yet, we forget it’s entirely sung in English, and all the members deliver the song SO fluently, it’s a wonder how they aren’t pumping out English tracks more often. From its powerful vocal deliveries to the fiery raps, TWICE isn’t holding back as they swing themselves into the Western market… as a fan from as far as I can remember (5 years), I’m definitely getting the feels.

The Feels (The Stereotypes Remix)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The final two tracks on the single are simply remixed versions of the title track, which is appropriate.

Now, normally, I’m not one to enjoy remixed stylings of original tracks, especially ones as good as “The Feels”, but there’s something enjoyable about this remix. “The Feels (The Stereotypes Remix)” takes the funk to a further level, this time opting to keep its funk but adding little tinges of twinkle and slightly slowing the overall melody while still accentuating the heavy beats that the original hits you with.

It’s a bop-your-head sort of affair, and it’s one that I might be getting the feels for, for sure.

The Feels (YVES V Remix)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The last remix is “The Feels (YVES V Remix)“, which contrasts the previous remix by speeding the original song up, all while adding vocal distortions and a heavy piano-driven melody that is almost reminiscent of early ’10s dance music. If I had to pinpoint what sort of style this remix was going for, it definitely feels very big beat.

Here, this remix strips away the funkiness (and the catchy boy-I-boy-I jingle…) of the original track to give it more of an EDM-ready and dance-club accessible vibe, one that I actually really like! I imagine dancing to this in the gay clubs, and for the many LGBTQ+ ONCEs, I’m sure that’ll be all the feels. My only dislike is that this is too short! It ended already? That, my friends, is not the feels.


An amazing effort from one of Korea’s national girl groups!

I give this single overall a recommend, and it is solely based on its original title track “The Feels“, which will guarantee funky movement upon future listens. It’s definitely worth checking out, if not for its melody, for the girls to sing the track with so much gusto and fluency in the English language. I can foresee the girls being pretty successful with this track, if they haven’t already been, and with many of the upcoming appearances on Western television to perform the track, I’d say we’re set on a path for further success for TWICE.

If you told me this is where we’d be at with TWICE, I’d definitely get the feels, for sure.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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