single review: Jessi “Cold Blooded”

There were two things in Korean media in the year 2021 that really made a name for themselves: the first was the fiery competition of Street Woman Fighter, the Mnet program that pinned professional female dance groups against each other to determine the fiercest of all-women dance troupes; the second was Korean rapper Jessi, famous for being an Unpretty Rapstar, entering the variety market and turning herself into the queen of South Korean variety.

So, it was only fair that we would see the two influential figures meet in the middle for a red-hot collaboration to promote Street Woman Fighter and Jessi all at the same time. The top crews of SWF would go on to gain a slot within the music video for the collaboration, known as “Cold Blooded“, and serves as a platform to display the crews’ extraordinary talents.

As for the track itself, is it cold-blooded? Or are we just listening to something that’s only just lukewarm? Was this a meant-to-be collaboration? Let’s take a listen.

제시 (Jessi)
Cold Blooded
Released: 2021/10/12

Cold Blooded

Jessi promoting Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My kimchi so delicious, need a Michelin!

We were not ready. Bow down to the queen.

Cold Blooded” takes everything you love about Jessi’s hip-hop and rap, amplifies it by 10 to really establish the badass-ery that is bursting in your speakers, and uses its swift edge to pierce your ears… no, my friends, this is just straight up cold-blooded murder.

It is a fiery track, with its instrumental beating with trap, blending in distortions of its title, cold-blooded ho, all throughout. Sure, you might have heard this kind of rap jive before with other hip-hop acts, and sure, it might be that simple, but it hits. It punches. It pops, and you know very well that the choreography for this song is gonna get you with every boom of the beat.

Lyrically, it is Jessi at her fiercest. She may be the funniest personable person ever on Show!terview, but we can’t forget that she is also the fiercest rapper – she took the bar she set for female Korean rappers and then used that bar to add to the bars she’s serving to us now. Then, she eats those bars. She’s wild. I love it. I love her. I mean… how can you compete when she refers to her genitals as kimchi, then tells us we’ll need a Michelin? Damn.

Of course, we have to give it up for the SWF girls who earned their spot in the music video – yes, they’re not in the song at any point, but Jessi crafted this song so quick and so fiercely for the show to fit the show’s fiery competition vibe. She’s genius.

This is truly one of her best tracks, and it just might be one of my favorites of K-pop/hip-hop in 2021. It’s cold-blooded murder, and it was me who was slayed to death. There’d be no other way.


I definitely recommend this.

Whether you’re a huge Jessi fan, a new Jessi fan, or just discovering Jessi, this is her at her highest. She’s got a knack for knowing the kinds of beats that hit right and then tops it off with fiery raps that only she can deliver with that husky voice of hers.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of any Mnet programs, especially that of Street Woman Fighter, or have some inkling of history with other programs like Unpretty Rapstar or Show Me the Money, then this one is for you, too. The song’s vibe matches everything you want out of a hip-hop track, especially from one Korea’s female badasses.

Jessi was really in her zone here, and I couldn’t ask for any better.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

MUST-LISTEN: Cold Blooded

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