hitomi | I am / innocence

Next up on the InuYasha series is the second opening single, ‘I am / innocence’, performed by avex artist hitomi, not to be confused with Hitomi Yaida (and also not to be confused for ayumi hamasaki’s ‘I am…’, as my young, naive, innocent self believed initially).

hitomi also happens to be one of my favorite singers ever, begging for a question here: how does this single fare compared to a lot of her other stuff? Her first double A-side single, hitomi keeps InuYasha’s upbeat opening momentum, but is this single one of grand self-discovery or is it just not innocent of being bad?

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Alright, so if you haven’t heard, there’s a new InuYasha series coming out, and my young pre-teen self could not be more excited. In fact, because of this, I’ve gone and revisited the music from the InuYasha series. It’s where I got my start with Asian music and well, the rest is history.

I’ve decided that since it was the start of my rabbit hole down into a love for Asian music (and Asian culture, also), I wanted to review each single that had its mark on the InuYasha series before Yashahime gets on air (and hopefully get them all done soon, because it’s coming in October).

First up is V6’s ‘CHANGE THE WORLD’, where InuYasha fans alike belt out its first lyrics because it is quite literally the first thing to hear when the show starts. Is it with this single that the world changes or does everything stay the same throughout? Read on…

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Perfume | Time Warp

Perfume. Is. Back. I repeat! This is not a drill!

Perfume returns with a brand-new single, their first new release in 2020, and the very first physical single in over 2 years. For Perfume fans, like myself, this is amazing. Coming off the heels of a best-album tour and even taking part in Coachella, of all things, Perfume is taking Japan and the world by storm, and now they may just cure 2020 with their 31st single.

Titled ‘Time Warp’, the girls take us back in time with this new release, but is this time warp going to malfunction on us at all? Find out by reading on!

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玉置成実 | Connect the Truth

August marked the return of a special singer dearest to my nostalgic heart: Tamaki Nami! Her first official solo single in over 5 years, Nami is back with ‘Connect the Truth’, a track that brings you back to the mid-00s, when Nami’s career was at an all-time high and anime music was (and still is) so cool.

Tying itself in with the dorama ‘Ultraman Z’, Nami strives to bring something fun for her older fans and newer fans alike. But is this single going to connect with us, or is the truth far more uglier upon listen? Read on…

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倖田來未 | Someday / Boys♥Girls

We finally made it boys and girls! I thought we would never make it, or that we would make it here someday… but no, we are finally at the end of the single series!

Capping off the 12 Singles of Christmas is the series’ only double A-side single, ‘Someday / Boys♥Girls’, though Someday was promoted with a music video over the other (and interestingly caps off the movie series that the singles had in place). The concept art is also, fittingly, Kuu in Japanese garments, representing Japan in the finale. Now that we are at the end, we have to ponder, was this an appropriate single to end the series, or have we already reached it prior to?

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倖田來未 | WIND

We are nearly done! Having gone through ten singles already, we now land at the eleventh single of the series (and if you haven’t already read the previous ten reviews, what are you doing?!). Titled ‘WIND’, this single takes Kuu into a more conventional J-pop territory, and her concept art goes for an Italian feel.

Let’s keep our question short and simple: is this wind a much-needed breeze from the last single or are we in for stormy weather?

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倖田來未 | KAMEN feat. 石井竜也

We are nearly done with the series; we’re now at number ten, and this time, Koda Kumi enlists the help of Japanese crooner Ishii Tatuya, who some anime fans may be familiar with via Gundam SEED. However, this track has no anime tie-in… instead, we’ve got the makings of a love song!

Contrasting this is the Hawaiian concept art, which has Kuu wearing a garment from Hawaii. While we were given a wintry break-up ballad in the form of ‘you’, the series’ first single, will KAMEN make us fall in love in a heated, sensual love song? Read on!

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倖田來未 | 今すぐ欲しい

I’m going to go against the grain here and say upfront already: this is my favorite of the twelve. Nine singles in, and I’m already revealing it in the introduction? Why, touki, why?!

Because I’m going to gush in this review. That’s all I’m going to do. There really is no surprise here (if you follow my YouTube channel at ‘toukimeiki’, I have a video that shows why). So what makes this, out of all the twelve, where Kuu goes to a French ballet for her concept art theme, and Kuu goes downtown in what is uniquely the only ‘Kuu-does-a-cover’ single of the series, the BEST? I mean… did I put it that way? Read on!

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倖田來未 | No Regret

At number eight is Kuu’s next foray into anime!

Tying itself in with the anime, Ueki no Housoku (or otherwise known as The Law of Ueki), as an opening, Kuu takes this project into another unique direction. Here, the concept art is that of Persia, wearing a Persian garment with fierceness. Musically, the song has the exact feel of what you may hear in anime music, though with some slight differences. Is this worthy of its status as an opener, or is this song never to be found on top anisong lists all over YouTube?

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