mini-album review: the peggies “Anemone EP”

If you have been following my blog for some time, you may be familiar with this trio! Having covered their contribution to the anime, Sarazanmai, the three-member pop-rock group, the peggies, are back with their first release in 2020. Known as Anemone EP, this release contains five new songs for your listening pleasure. While none of the songs have any anime tie-ins, the title track is the theme song for the live-action movie “Justice of the Alps Stand”.

Does this next release from the group have any of the strength from their last release, Stand By Me, or is this anemone just a home-flop for the fish in the sea of releases in 2020?

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single review: the peggies “Stand By Me”

Do you like anime? Do you like girl bands? If so, the peggies is right up your alley. As of recently, the pop-rock trio have dabbled into anime territory, with many familiar with songs in works such as BORUTO NEXT GENERATIONS and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. Their most recent effort, that I know of, is an ending track for a fairly recent and slightly popular anime known as Sarazanmai. With this ending, the peggies look to stand by you, but will the single stand to be good or bad overall?

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