single review: Girls Planet 999 “Creation Mission”

Have you been watching Girls Planet 999?

You might remember how Korean TV network Mnet had the Produce series out for a significant chunk of K-pop’s current era, and yes, they faced a lot of controversies; the biggest of them being that each season was RIGGED (you saw that correctly). However, that might not be the case here, considering all eyes who are watching the program have Mnet on a leash. Dressed under a new name, Girls Planet 999 aims to create a new girl group meant to promote globally with Korean, Japanese, and Chinese members, and it’s basically Produce’s fifth season.

So it comes as no surprise to anyone who’d been following Produce that a slew of new tracks would be coming to further promote the trainees; this time, they are under the single title “Creation Mission“, compiling the four tracks performed by the remaining trainees in sets of 5 and 7. Will each song prove to be worthy of your vote or will you turn off the TV with these tracks? Read on!

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체리블렛 (Cherry Bullet) | Cherry Rush

One of the first new girl group releases for 2021 in Korean pop comes from FNC Entertainment’s Cherry Bullet. 2020 was a quiet year for the girls, with only two singles that didn’t quite make dents into the market. That being said, both songs were bops (one problematic, but I’ll talk about that some other time), and I continue to appreciate every effort these girls make (especially since I was a big Hayoon stan back in the Produce 48 days).

The girls make a pink-filled return with their very first mini album, ‘Cherry Rush‘, containing tracks that, much like Red Velvet, accentuate both a ‘Cherry’ sound and a ‘Bullet’ sound. The aesthetics for this album are incredible and totally my preference, but will this mini album fare the same? Is this mini filled to the brim with too much cherries for my liking, or will it hit my heart like a bullet? Let’s check out ‘Cherry Rush‘!

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