ARIAZ (아리아즈) | ARIAZ 1st Mini Album ‘Grand Opera’

Let me preface this review with stating that bullying is BAD. Please don’t do it. Let me also say that it’s up to you however you want to live your life, but if you intend on aiming for a role as a public figure (especially in Korea), be careful with your decisions! Now, onto anContinue reading “ARIAZ (아리아즈) | ARIAZ 1st Mini Album ‘Grand Opera’”

투모로우바이투게더 | minisode1 : Blue Hour

touki is reviewing a boy group for once?! I sure am! Today, we take a look at TXT’s most recent Korean-pop release, ‘minisode1 : Blue Hour‘. Released in the fall months of 2020, the Big Hit group (which means they are BTS’ little brothers) take on aesthetics, COVID, and a new array of sounds andContinue reading “투모로우바이투게더 | minisode1 : Blue Hour”

체리블렛 (Cherry Bullet) | Cherry Rush

One of the first new girl group releases for 2021 in Korean pop comes from FNC Entertainment’s Cherry Bullet. 2020 was a quiet year for the girls, with only two singles that didn’t quite make dents into the market. That being said, both songs were bops (one problematic, but I’ll talk about that some otherContinue reading “체리블렛 (Cherry Bullet) | Cherry Rush”

(여자)아이들 | I trust

In reviewing ‘I burn’, I suddenly found myself down the (G)I-DLE wormhole, and now I cannot stop listening to (G)I-DLE. Frankly, this serves as a fantastic opportunity to review their work, and since I looked at ‘I burn’, we have to move down to ‘I trust‘, one of two releases from the CUBE Entertainment girlContinue reading “(여자)아이들 | I trust”

(여자)아이들 | I burn

‘I burn‘ is the first K-pop release in 2021 for me, crafted by CUBE Entertainment girl group (G)I-DLE. Continuing on the trend of focusing on ‘I’, (G)I-DLE, pronounced I-DLE, kicks off 2021 with a mini album that could potentially melt the woes and wintry cold of the end of 2020 (and what a year thatContinue reading “(여자)아이들 | I burn”

이달의 소녀 | HeeJin

Happiest of new years to everyone, and to all my fellow bloggers! It’s been a wild ride, but 2020 has ended. I admit, it’s been a great year for the blog as I’ve gotten more written than ever, rejuvenating my passion for blogging, but it also has been a pretty tough year for myself andContinue reading “이달의 소녀 | HeeJin”

the top 15 k-pop songs of 2020

Bet you thought I was never coming back! I kid. Despite everything that’s been going on in my life, from securing myself a new job and starting school again, I’ve been keeping on track with a lot of K-pop in 2020. In a year that is probably the weirdest, 2020 delivered on the K-pop trackContinue reading “the top 15 k-pop songs of 2020”

TWICE (트와이스) | Eyes wide open

Next up on the Korean artist spotlight series is TWICE’s most recent release: ‘Eyes wide open’, their second full-length album released just shy of Halloween. I gotta admit, I was hoping that it would be another Halloween-related release, but this concept is just as fabulous for the fall season of TWICEtober. ‘Eyes wide open’ takesContinue reading “TWICE (트와이스) | Eyes wide open”

TWICE (트와이스) | TWICEcoaster : LANE 1

How about let’s do a Korean artist spotlight?! Since it’s Halloween coming soon, we have to have the queens of fun Halloween concepts (and queens of autumn releases, to be honest): TWICE! I’ll be covering five of their albums: this one, THE STORY BEGINS, YES or YES, twicetagram, and their newest effort, Eyes wide open,Continue reading “TWICE (트와이스) | TWICEcoaster : LANE 1”