EVERGLOW (에버글로우) | -77.82X-78.29

EVERGLOW has returned! Popular with international fans, EVERGLOW comes back with their second mini-album and their second release of 2020. The girls return to the girl-crush concept, but here, it looks like they’re taking on a very futuristic, very ‘drive-in-the-night’ concept. They’re slaying the hardcore game with the darker visuals and the wicked latex outfits.Continue reading “EVERGLOW (에버글로우) | -77.82X-78.29”

IZ*ONE (아이즈원) | BLOOM*IZ

Remember sometime last year when I was worried that IZ*ONE was never going to release again when there was the Produce scandal? Remember when we thought this full album was never going to see the light of day? Then somehow, closer to my birthday, I find out that the album was indeed going to proceedContinue reading “IZ*ONE (아이즈원) | BLOOM*IZ”

ITZY (있지) | Not Shy

August and September seems to be the month of comebacks, as ITZY, JYP Entertainment’s girl-crush and individuality concept girl group, is back! In this latest effort from the five-member group, ITZY takes the concept of not being shy and merges it with a western feel, which they’ve previously incorporated into their music before, but neverContinue reading “ITZY (있지) | Not Shy”

유아 (오마이걸) | Bon Voyage

Guess who’s back? YooA! Well, this is actually her debut as a soloist, rather than as a comeback with OH MY GIRL. An interesting venture, YooA possesses a distinct vocal out of her OMG members, and when I came across the opening trailer for the release, excitement was the word that best described how IContinue reading “유아 (오마이걸) | Bon Voyage”

에이프릴 (APRIL) | 에이프릴 (APRIL) 7th Mini Album ‘Da Capo’

What a time April 2020 was. Despite it being one of the few months of 2020 where all hell seems to have broken loose, and we all know why, April has brought upon a lovely array of K-pop comebacks to tide ourselves over while we are all in quarantine. One such group is APRIL, withContinue reading “에이프릴 (APRIL) | 에이프릴 (APRIL) 7th Mini Album ‘Da Capo’”

미쓰에이 | Touch

Let’s take it back to 2012, 8 years ago, when people thought the world was gonna end, and miss A was ready to ‘touch’ all our hearts… in a way that you might not think. The formerly-JYP Entertainment four-member group gave us a slamming debut in 2010, then proceeded to keep up the momentum intoContinue reading “미쓰에이 | Touch”

Red Velvet (레드벨벳) | ‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 1

Remember last year? It ended so soon! It was a tough year for K-pop, but apart from everything’s that happened, the music that was pumping out in 2019 did not let up, with many artists going in different directions for their sound. One in particular was popular SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet, who decidedContinue reading “Red Velvet (레드벨벳) | ‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 1”

모모랜드 (MOMOLAND) | Thumbs Up

If we’re on the topic of nostalgia, then we shouldn’t be forgetting all the new stuff that’s coming out! One such new release is MOMOLAND’s recent single, their first for 2020 and their first since ‘I’m So Hot’ in 2019 (which was released, well, nine months ago). If you’ve been following MOMOLAND for a while,Continue reading “모모랜드 (MOMOLAND) | Thumbs Up”

네온펀치 (NeonPunch) | NeonPunch 1st Debut Album ‘MOONLIGHT’

I didn’t forget K-pop! I’ll also be going down memory lane for a lot of Korean pop releases throughout the year, so keep an eye out! My next review focuses on a really recent release, having been distributed in the summer of 2018. You might not have heard of NeonPunch, but you may have seenContinue reading “네온펀치 (NeonPunch) | NeonPunch 1st Debut Album ‘MOONLIGHT’”